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A script which performs backups of an SQLite database on the local filesystem or in a Docker container and maintains dated backup instances as defined in its configuration, e.g. 24 hourly, 7 daily, 4 weekly, 12 monthly, and 7 yearly backups.
This script assumes you're running SQLite 3 (which is commonly available).
## Installation
There are 3 components to this script:
......@@ -12,6 +14,7 @@ There are 3 components to this script:
To install:
* ensure the SQLite database client is installed on your system: `sudo apt install sqlite3`
* copy the code (either via a .zip or .tgz archive or via `git clone` onto the computer where you want to do the backups (uncompress it, of course, if required).
* go into the directory `cd sqlite-backup` and create a copy of the configuration file: `cp sqlite_backup.conf-sample sqlite_backup.conf`
* edit the sqlite_backup.conf file to set your values for BU_DIR, BU_FROOT, DB_DIR, DB_FILE, EMAIL, and EMAIL_SUBJ (to send email your server will need to be configured to send email) and DC_DIR and DC_CONT if desired.
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