Commit 39986ff1 authored by Dave Lane's avatar Dave Lane
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disabled debugging

parent b48aa262
......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ define('BFF_ADMIN_STYLE', 'bff-admin-style');
// other useful parameters
define('BFF_MAX_FILE_READ_CHAR', 1000000); // limit max size of the file to read to 1mb
// turn on debugging with true, off with false
define('BFF_DEBUG', true);
define('BFF_DEBUG', false);
define('LOG_STREAM', getenv('LOG_STREAM'));
// include the dependencies
// see
// and
var DEBUG = true; // set to false to disable debugging
var DEBUG = false; // set to false to disable debugging
function LOG() { if (DEBUG) { console.log.apply(this, arguments); }}
LOG('BFF-Admin DEBUG =', DEBUG); // only prints if DEBUG = true
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