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......@@ -223,7 +223,7 @@ class BFFForm extends BFFCourse {
."Copy the blog's web address - the text in your browser's 'address bar' which starts with '<strong>http://</strong>' or '<strong>https://</strong>' - "
."and paste it into the text box below.</p>"
."<p>Need help? Consult the OERu <a href=".BFF_SUPPORT_BLOG.">support site</a>, or post your question on our <a href=".BFF_SUPPORT_FORUM.">support forum</a>.</p>"
."<div class='credits'>"
."<p class='credit'>Credits: Emoji icons from the <a href=''>Noto Color Emoji Oreo</a> set (under Apache 2.0 license).</p>"
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