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The purpose of this script is to backup the contents of Docker container-based database (either PostgreSQL or MariaDB) to a local 'dump' file (SQL format), which is then compressed to conserve disk space.
The system is designed to be run regularly (perhaps hourly, or daily) via cron, and to keep a pre-determined (via configuration) number of past, deleting excess backup files to conserve disk space.
## To install
To install this script, by our convention on Docker Compose hosts, we clone it into `/home/data/scripts` (creating the directory if necessary), via `git clone`.
Then, in that directory, we copy the relevant '\*.conf-sample' configuration file and copy it to a '\*.conf' file and adjust its values. You can try running the backup to test it by running (for example)
`./mariadbbackup-docker-compose --hourly`
which should, if the configuration is valid, create an hourly database backup (starting with the database name with '-hourly' affixed, e.g. )
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