Commit 732a46b3 authored by Jim Tittsler's avatar Jim Tittsler

Update theme to 0.8.0, add wemath and wequizzes

parent 826c6c95
......@@ -4,3 +4,9 @@
[submodule ".openshift/themes/oeru_theme"]
path = .openshift/themes/oeru_course
url =
[submodule ".openshift/plugins/wequizzes"]
path = .openshift/plugins/wequizzes
url =
[submodule ".openshift/plugins/wemath"]
path = .openshift/plugins/wemath
url =
Subproject commit 51a404e40d8e6e9c2b092e1c9ace81bba1a531fa
Subproject commit ae00ecc4274b0e5c0b62c3cd2e340725417a7710
Subproject commit ecf42e9dd5a20b3c2bda94bc354967883ff4e943
Subproject commit 7ad1f8a8746fe2da67847f2104f1e4589ff598f9
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