Commit 8beab355 authored by Jim Tittsler's avatar Jim Tittsler

Update oeru_course (0.9.2), remove UIO-flow plugin

parent 67d5747e
[submodule ".openshift/plugins/uio-wordpress-plugin"]
path = .openshift/plugins/uio-wordpress-plugin
url =
[submodule ".openshift/themes/oeru_theme"]
path = .openshift/themes/oeru_course
url =
Subproject commit 83d0dff40ba0f30e0331c42bf3309c6e2bd0e17f
Subproject commit a24c7e7533ca77548d4af8305253cf2f4c9032c9
Subproject commit ed145f6da227067f7fb9d83c59fbb59c24ec9b38
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