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See for documentation
==Starting CouchDB==
docker run -d --name couchdb -v /home/dave/Docker/couchdb/data:/opt/couchdb/data oeru/couchdb
Built via: docker build -t oeru/couchdb .
==Building and Running Containers==
cd [path to wenotes-combined]
Build: docker build -t oeru/couchdb docker-couchdb
Launch (replacing [admin password] and [bot password]):
docker run --name couchdb -v /home/dave/Docker/wenotes/data:/opt/couchdb/data \
-e COUCHDB_USER=admin -e COUCHDB_PASSWORD=[admin password] \
-e COUCHDB_BOT_USER=bot -e COUCHDB_BOT_PASSWORD=[bot password] \
-d oeru/couchdb
Do a database dumps and restores using - from
Build: docker build -t oeru/faye docker-faye
docker run --name faye -v /home/dave/Docker/wenotes/faye:/opt/wenotes/server \
-v /home/dave/Docker/wenotes/config/options.json:/opt/wenotes/options.json \
-d oeru/faye
Build: docker build -t oeru/wenotes docker-wenotes-tools
docker run --name faye -v /home/dave/Docker/wenotes/wenotes:/opt/wenotes/wenotes \
-v /home/dave/Docker/wenotes/config/options.json:/opt/wenotes/options.json \
-d oeru/wenotes
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