Commit a0f878e1 authored by Dave Lane's avatar Dave Lane
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another fix to the failed rebase - changes for co-branding

parent 428ced89
......@@ -9,9 +9,9 @@ import MySQLdb
#node = '/home/ubuntu/.nvm/versions/node/v4.2.1/bin/node'
node = '/usr/bin/nodejs'
weurl = ''
weurl = ''
#weurl = ''
osdir = '/home/data/'
#weurl = ''
#osdir = '/home/data/'
debug = 0;
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ if not debug:
WHERE id=%s""",
print 'not updating db status'
result = 0
errmsg = ''
......@@ -105,22 +105,27 @@ else:
if 'logo' in opt and opt['logo']:
args.extend(['--logo', opt['logo'],
'--link', opt['link'],
'--caption', opt['caption'],
'--name', opt['name']])
if 'logo2' in opt and opt['logo2']:
args.extend(['--logo2', opt['logo2'],
'--link2', opt['link2'],
'--caption2', opt['caption2'],
'--name2', opt['name2']])
if 'logo3' in opt and opt['logo3']:
args.extend(['--logo3', opt['logo3'],
'--link3', opt['link3'],
'--caption3', opt['caption3'],
'--name3', opt['name3']])
if 'logo4' in opt and opt['logo4']:
args.extend(['--logo4', opt['logo4'],
'--link4', opt['link4'],
'--caption4', opt['caption4'],
'--name4', opt['name4']])
if 'logo5' in opt and opt['logo5']:
args.extend(['--logo5', opt['logo5'],
'--link5', opt['link5'],
'--caption5', opt['caption5'],
'--name5', opt['name5']])
if 'previous' in opt and opt['previous']:
args.extend(['--previous', opt['previous']])
......@@ -130,15 +135,15 @@ if 'disclaimer' in opt and opt['disclaimer']:
args.extend(['--disclaimer', opt['disclaimer']])
args.extend([opt['outline'], title])
if debug:
if debug:
print '======== args ========='
print args
log = open(options.get('log', '/dev/null'), 'a')
err = open(options.get('errlog', '/dev/null'), 'a')
result =, stdout=log, stderr=err)
#if debug:
# print "Result:", result
if debug:
print "Result:", result
if not debug:
c.execute("""UPDATE mw_snapshot
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