Commit 1e9aabac authored by Jim Tittsler's avatar Jim Tittsler

add old filesystem snapshot example invocation

add warning to README that FILEPATH must be set
before use for filesystem snapshots.
parent 4af7dc8f
nice node course.js --prevnext --brand MUN \
--logo example.png --link \ \
/MUN \
/MUN \
......@@ -46,6 +46,11 @@ This script currently has two very different functions:
Many of the *options* are actually required to produce meaningful output.
To make filesystem snapshots, you **must** set FILEPATH
at the top of course.js before use. FILEPATH must be a
top level directory that exists within your web server
root (so that the course files can be served to users).
### Filesystem snapshot
node course.js \
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