Commit 2847f2d5 authored by Jim Tittsler's avatar Jim Tittsler

Make WikiEducator "Content" link open in a new window

parent 41a9cac8
nice node courseWP.js --prevnext --brand Art \
--wpurl \
--wpuser ArtUser --wppass "Art$Pass" --wpdelete --wpmenu \
--theme newSplashWP \
--link \
--logo \ \
"/Art Appreciation and Techniques"
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ module.exports = {
[oeru_advanced_footer content='${footerlogo}
<a href="${contentURL}" name="original content in WikiEducator">Content</a> is available under the
<a href="${contentURL}" name="original content in WikiEducator" target="WikiEducator">Content</a> is available under the
<a rel="license" href="" title="WikiEducator:Copyrights">Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike License</a>.
<a href="">Privacy Policy</a> | <a href="${outlineItem.wkpage}?action=history">Authors</a><a href=""><img class="cc" src="${iconsrc}" alt="Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License"></a>']
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